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Smoby Coffee House


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  • Coffee Shop with porta filter espresso coffee maker 57 accessories
  • included: clock, espresso machine, large cash register with electronic functions
  • 1 real calculator with a LCD screen, 1 microphone, 1 credit card reader, 1 barcode scanner with sound and light), dummy boxes, plates, cups, tray, Pastries, fruits
  • For 3-year old’s and older. Made in France.
  • 70cm L 59cm W 89cm H


Become a coffee shop manager thanks to this large market! Your friends will have the possibility to order a coffee or pastries for their snack. You will just have to use the tray to serve them quickly.

Thanks to the espresso machine it will be easy for you to make coffee or tea in no time! You will also have fun in playing cashier by using your large cash register!

Your friends can pay their order but also buy coffee for their home; it will be enough to use the barcode scanner with sound and light.

Calculate the total cost with the calculator and ask them by which means of payment they want to pay: cash and credit card are accepted! And above all, do not forget to close the money drawer!

The Coffee House will quickly become an inescapable place to relax and have fun!