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Siku 1:55 UPS Logistics Set


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  • Linde forklift
  • Movable lifting frame with pallet
  • 3-axis tractor with central axle trailer
  • Cab and chassis of the tractor and trailer of metal
  • Boot structures with tailgate for opening


UPS brown transporters have been part of the streetscape for decades. The nimble parcel deliverers jump out of their vehicles and rush to delivery to the customer. But how is the parcel delivered? With the UPS logistics set, the complex logistics of parcel delivery become easily understandable and an exciting game theme. The set consists of a forklift, a 3-axle tractor and a transporter in the typical livery of UPS. The mast of the Linde forklift truck is movable and thus the box bodies can be loaded. For this, the tailgates can be opened. The cab and chassis of the 3-axle tractor and the center axle trailer are made of metal. Also the parcel car is completely made of metal.