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Senor Pepper Board Game


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  • Everyone flips over their cards and quickly grabs for the plastic pepper that they see the most of to win cactus tokens
  • The player with the most token at the end of the game wins!
  • Fast-paced gameplay keeps everyone involved
  • No reading required
  • For 2-5 players, ages 7 and up


Senor Pepper Board Game

Senor Pepper Board Game. It’s the speedy pepper picker game! Everyone flips over their card and quickly grabs for the plastic pepper that they see the most. Grab the right pepper in time, and you’ll earn a cactus token! Be careful – you don’t want to end up empty-handed, and if you grab the wrong pepper, you’ll lose tokens. The player with the most cactus tokens wins!


Easy to set up

Place the peppers in the middle of the playing area in the shape of a circle, alternating colors. There are 3 sets of peppers – always use one less set than there are players. Form a pile of cactus tokens nearby, and then deal 8 cards to each player. Cards should be placed face down with the logo facing the player. Now get ready to pick a pepper!

Develops visual recognition

Players simultaneously flip the card at the top of their pile. If there is a color that shows up more than any of the others, quickly grab a pepper of that color, or you’ll be left without one! In this example, red is seen the most, so players would all try to grab a red pepper. Every player who grabs the correct colored pepper wins a cactus token. Watch out – grab the wrong colored pepper, and you’ll lose a token!

Fast-paced gameplay

Gameplay is fast, so watch the colors carefully! If there is an equal amount of 2 colors along with a third color, the equally matched colors cancel each other out. You’d grab the pepper of the third color as seen in Image A. In Image B, there’s an equal amount of 2 colors and no other colors, so you would not grab a pepper. After 8 rounds of play, the player with the most cactus tokens wins!