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Ravensburger Land Of The Dinosaurs 500 piece Jigsaw


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  • Ages 12+
  • Ravensburger 500 piece
  • Made in Germany


Ravensburger Land Of The Dinosaurs 500 piece Jigsaw
Introducing Ravensburger Land Of The Dinosaurs 500 piece Jigsaw. Brontosaurus, velociraptor and stegosaurus gather around the lakeside whilst overhead pterodactyl swoop down to avoid the falling meteors. Distant volcanoes erupt, poisonous gases spew into the sky and also glowing lava flows down the hillside, colliding with the crashing meteors. Is this how dinosaurs died out? what do you think?
Features: Ages 12+ years. Ravensburger 500 piece. Made in Germany

Brand History: Ravensburger | Etwist

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