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Pummel And Friends 40cm Plush – Purricorn


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  • Dimensions: 40 cm
  • Material: Magical unicorn cat fur
  • Age – Suitable from birth



Pummel And Friends 40cm Plush – Purricorn
Introducing Pummel And Friends 40cm Plush – Purricorn. The dear PUMMELEINHORN gets reinforcements from his friends from the glittering world!
Purricorn is a cheeky cat who knows what she wants. Her self-confident nature not only helps herself, but also everyone else in the glittering world, because she is always there to help!
The small, fluffy Purricorn is looking for a new home! Don’t you have a spot left for a super cute unicorn cat?
She loves to play, loves cookies, and if you’re lucky, she’ll even cuddle with you
Our soft toys are specially made for young children out of textile fabrics and stuffed with a soft material which the young ones love to cuddle them, hug them, and also play with them. Soft toys encourage the social and emotional growth of the children and also help in developing sensory skills.
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