Shaped like a pink flamingo, the Polly Pocket World Flamingo Floatie Compact opens to a themed world that is the splashiest of fun featuring Polly and Lila dolls, a water area to float in, hot tub with chairs to hang out, tropical waterfall area and diving board. Compact also features secret reveals: turn the flamingo neck to create a wave pool; flip the purple area with towel to reveal a hot tub; open a door to reveal a changing area; and open another door to peek into Polly doll’s bedroom. Polly and Lila dolls each have their own floaties to float in the pool. In the waterfall area, place Polly or Lila in the actual waterfall and turn it so they are really immersed in the waterfall! The Flamingo Floatie compact is small enough to take anywhere, anytime for the splashiest of Polly Pocket adventures

Features :
Polly Pocket Go Tiny, room playset features Polly doll’s room and all kinds of fun, secret surprises
Open the playset to reveal play options and then Go Tiny by sliding the locket tab to reveal the micro play areas and surprises – including micro Polly doll
The closet reveals micro areas, you can splash in a pool, the desk reveals a concert stage, the bed hides a rock wall and a submarine emerges in the aquarium
There’s no telling what can happen in Polly doll’s room
Also includes a quadcopter for a quick take-off to adventure