Shaped like a snow globe, the Polly Pocket Pocket World Snow Secret Compact opens to a themed world that is the snowiest of fun featuring Polly and Shani dolls.


Inside reveals a ski chalet to stay in and an outdoor gondola and hill for riding and sliding!
There’s also secrets to reveal -: the igloo slides open to reveal a snowman, then turn the snowman and the dolls can ice skate on the frozen pond; a fireplace is revealed; and a chalet door opens to reveal a bathroom
And with Polly Stick technology the dolls will stick anywhere on the compact. Just place the sticker from the sticker sheet (included) anywhere and the dolls will stick to the sticker.
Polly and Shani can slide down the hill on the snowboard, sled down the hill or ride in the gondola
When snowboarding is finished, the snowboard fits on the side of the gondola
The Snow Secret compact is small enough to take anywhere.
For Ages 4+ Years