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Pokemon Epic Battle Figure Dragonite


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  • Contents: 1 x Epic Dragonite figure
  • Features the biggest, most powerful Pokémon of all time
  • With full articulation to pose
  • Be part of the Pokémon squad!
  • Dimensions: 29L x 18W x 18H cm
  • Age 4+ years


Pokemon Epic Battle Figure Dragonite

Pokemon Epic Battle Figure Dragonite. Introducing the 30cm Epic Battle Figure Dragonite, the action-packed, collectible Pokémon! Dragonite is the loyal Grass-Type Pokémon who is also known for its strong sense of unity. The Epic Battle Figure toy line features the biggest, most powerful Pokémon of all time. With full articulation to pose Dragonite in its most iconic poses, and also with authentic details that look as though it jumped right out of the TV show. Dragonite is ready to become a beloved figure in any Pokémon’s fan collection.

The Pokémon Dragonite Epic Battle Figure boasts incredible details. With character authentic features that make it look like it jumped right from the Pokémon world. Dragonite is both highly detailed and also meticulously crafted, perfect for playing or also displaying.


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A little bit about Pokémon!

The original Pokémon is a role-playing game based around building a small team of monsters to battle other monsters in a quest to become the best. Pokémon are divided into different types. Such as water and fire, each with different strengths. Battles between them can be likened to the simple hand game rock paper scissors. It also followed the story of a boy named Satoshi (named after Satoshi Tajiri himself), as he set off on a journey to try to become a Pokémon master with his companion, Pikachu. Browse our selection of Pokemon figures, playsets, accessories, also soft toys and more.