2-4 Day Nationwide delivery.

2-4 Day Nationwide delivery.

Plasma Light


  • Good for your health. The pedestal generates high-frequency electromagnetic waves, releases negative ions, and sterilizes the environment while purifying the air.
  • ¬†Touch mode. If you touch the ball, the lightning will combine into a powerful beam and follow the movement of the finger.
  • Voice mode. Play music with heavy rhythm and dynamic music, and the light from the ion ball will flash with the rhythm of the music.
  • Suitable for multiple scenes. diameter: 13 cm, perfect for families, parties, cafes, bars, restaurants, exhibitions, etc.
  • Tip: The working principle of the ion ball will cause the surface to heat up, which is normal. In order to avoid the temperature of the ball being too high, it is recommended to take a break every 1-2 hours.

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The ionic sphere is designed with a high-strength glass casing. The ball is filled with a thin inert gas and a black spherical electrode is positioned in the center of the glass sphere.
After being energized, the arc is generated by the arc formed by the electrode plus the inert gas of high pressure excitation, so the light that occurs is like a radial glow, colorful, radiant and very beautiful in the darkness.
When working, a field similar to the point charge forms around the electrode in the center of the ball. When the ball is touched by hand (the person is connected to the ground), the electric field and the distribution of the potential around the ball are no longer uniform and symmetrical, so the glow becomes brighter around the finger. The resulting arc moves in a twist along the touch of the hand and dances with the finger.