Our Generation Sandy Off to Winter Camp


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  • Contents: An Our Generation Deluxe Sandy Doll and “Off to Winter Camp!” Set
  • 46 cm Doll is posable
  • Arms and legs are flexible
  • Age 3+ Years


Our Generation Sandy Off to Winter Camp

Our Generation Sandy Off to Winter Camp. Take a sweet trip to the Cozy Cabin with Sandy! This Our Generation 18-inch doll has dark-brown eyes that open and close. Long brown hair that’s fun to brush and style, and is posable! Sandy can bend her knees and elbows and rotate her neck, arms, and legs. Can easily change into her 2 colorful outfits. She arrives wearing a festive sweater dress with comfy leggings and pink boots. Dress Sandy in the cute ski lift graphic top with the gray joggers. Snuggle under the fluffy blanket to enjoy a story with tasty cookies! Follow Sandy’s journey in the “Off to Winter Camp” storybook as she tries to solve a yeti mystery! The easy-to-read chapters are perfect for younger readers, and it makes for a great bedtime story too!

Contents: A 46 cm posable doll, a dress, a pair of tights, a pair of underwear, a pair of boots, a pajama top, a pair of pajama pants. Also a blanket, a mug of hot chocolate, a plate, 2 snowflake cookies, a chocolate sugar cookie, a pair of slippers, a chapter book and a bookmark

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