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Our Generation Pia Hairgrow Doll


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  • 1 non poseable Pia 18 inch doll,
  • 1 dress,
  • 1 jacket,
  • 1 pair of undies,
  • 1 headband,
  • 1 pair of sandals,
  • 1 comb,
  • 1 hair extension,
  • 1 boho floral extension,
  • 2 heart clips and 1 hairstyle booklet.

18 inch (45cm) doll, suitable for all accessories and clothes.
Weight g
Age 3+

1 in stock

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There’s no bed head here, not for Pia. No matter how late she sleeps in, there’s always time to do her hair. Up, down or wrapped all around, there’s nothing holding her back. Our Generation Pia is ready to brush up on all her favourite looks.

Our Generation Pia has her favourite hair accessories on hand; heart shaped clips and grips with coloured extensions. And her hair style guide will show you how to do some of her best styles, or you could simply invent your own. Go wild with hair styling!

“Up, down or wrapped all around, there’s nothing holding us back. With beautiful hair and a little inspiration, you can create a new look every day!”

As a non-poseable doll, Our Generation Pia can turn at her neck, shoulders and hips. Pia is also a Hairgrow Doll, so changing the length of her hair is easy peasy. Push the button on her back to lengthen it, and turn the knob to wind it shorter again.