Expected delivery within 1-3 days.

Expected delivery within 1-3 days.

Orbeez 400 Beads - Bubbly Blue


  • 400 Grown Orbeez.
  • There are so many brilliant colours to collect, including Bright Blue, Perfectly Pink, Majestic Purple, Yay Yellow, Treasure Teal and more (each sold separately)
  • Experience Grown Orbeez, the soft and squishy beads ready for play!
  • Crush ‘em, use them in your spa experience, or play with them any way you like.
  • When you’re ready, pre Grown Orbeez are ready for you!
  • Age 5+ Years

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Experience the One and Only Orbeez, the soft and squishy, fun and wacky colorful water beads you can’t get enough of!

This Grown Orbeez Tube comes filled with 400 vibrant and juicy Orbeez ready for play. Get straight to the fun without waiting for them to grow! Pour your colorful Orbeez water beads out of the tube, then roll them, squish them, squeeze them, bounce them, crush them, use them in your Soothing Spa (sold separately) or let them flow through your hands!