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Nerf Rival Knockout XX 100 – Blue


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  • Knockout XX-100 blaster packs high-intensity Nerf Rival power in a compact size that’s great for fast-moving games and stealthy surprises
  • Has a spring-action mechanism for hand-powered blasting (no batteries required) and a trigger lock to prevent accidental firing
  • Integrated storage area lets you keep rounds within easy reach to reload fast as you play as Team Blue with this blue version of the Knockout XX-100 blaster
  • 90 FPS – Fire rounds as a velocity of 90 feet per second with Nerf Rival accuracy from this breech load blaster
  • Ages 14+


Nerf Rival Knockout XX 100 – Blue

Nerf Rival Knockout XX 100 – Blue. Blast into Nerf Rival competitions with this compact powerhouse to knock out the competition! The Knockout XX-100 blaster packs high-intensity Nerf Rival power in a small size. Fire off rounds at 90 feet per second from this spring-action, single-shot blaster that’s great for games that move fast and keep you on the run. Playing in a small area? The breech-load Knockout XX-100 is ideal for close spaces and stealth attacks. It has built-in round storage and comes with 2 Official Nerf Rival Rounds. Trigger lock prevents it from firing accidently. Load 1 round, prime, and pull the trigger to fire. Team Blue version. Hand-powered (so also no batteries required). Eyewear recommended (not included).

The Knockout XX-100 is a slide-action blaster that is loaded through a breech. This is be accessed by pushing the breech lever, which is located above the firing trigger. Upon pulling the breech lever, the spring-loaded breech opens automatically for loading. Hence it must be manually closed for the blaster to be fired.

The blaster itself is primed by a priming rod, resembling that of external mechanism blasters such as the Jolt EX-1. However, unlike most external mechanism blasters, the priming rod is not directly connected to the plunger rod and will not automatically return to its resting position. In fact it must be manually pushed back up and into place to fire the blaster.

Below the muzzle is a place to store four High-Impact Rounds, two on each side of the Knockout. Also underneath the trigger is a safety switch.

It also advertises a firing velocity of ninety feet per second (twenty-seven meters per second).


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Most Nerf toys are a variety of foam-based weaponry. Other Nerf products include balls for sports such as American Football, basketball and also baseball. Their best known toys are their dart guns (referred to by Hasbro as “blasters”) that shoot ammunition made from “Nerf foam” . Their primary slogan, first introduced in the 1990s, “It’s Nerf or Nothin”. Blast your way into the game with our collection of Nerf guns. Check out our full range of Nerf Blasters, Foam Bullets, Bunkrs and also Rival Face Masks.