My First Microwave Oven


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  • Includes 3 types of food to burger, pizza and chicken leg
  • 6 pre programmed times
  • Suitable for ages 3+


My First Microwave Oven

Introducing the My First Microwave Oven with lights and sounds. This is a great quality replica toy. Features; 6 pre- programmed times, has a realistic timer with yellow display. My First Microwave Oven also includes  3 types of food a burger, chicken leg and also a pizza.

Secondly Kitchen play is important for kids as it helps Gross and fine motor skills: Whether it’s using kitchen toys or real plastic bowls. And other tools from your kitchen, as they physically engage with kitchen play, children are building the fine and  also gross motor skills they need to move through the world around them.

Finally what are the benefits of Play Kitchens for Children? Well, Children love playing different roles and scenarios in imaginative play. Play kitchens are a particularly popular resource for pretend play, as it benefits children and gives them the opportunity to imitate situations that they are familiar with. Whether they are playing the role of a head chef, waiter, kitchen porter or parent at home, play kitchens allow children to imagine themselves in new roles and cook up exciting scenarios.

Kitchen role play isn’t just a fun activity for children, it also benefits a child’s development! Young children learn through play and are always exploring and experimenting – so we’ve compiled a list of the key benefits that play kitchens give children.

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