Minecraft Pickaxe


  • Product includes: one toy axe
  • Minecraft (mojang)
  • Officially licensed product


With the Minecraft Pickaxe in your luggage, you will feel like a hero in the world of Minecraft. In the game, the tool is used to mine blocks, especially ores. These materials can then be used to make several objects.

The Minecraft Pickaxe is the most valuable and strongest version of this tool, which is why it is very popular among gamers. This great replica is sure to make a great impression on you too and thanks to the handle, it is great in the hand. This Minecraft Pickaxe is a must for any fan! An ideal Christmas, Birthday or anytime gift. Browse this, the rest of the Minecraft range along with other similar products online and instore today. There is something for everyone at World Of Wonder!

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A little bit about Minecraft

Firstly, Minecraft Toys are based off the popular 3D computer game where players can build anything. Secondly, the game which has been described as like an ‘online Lego’ involves building blocks and creating structures across different environments and terrains. Set in a virtual world the game involves resource gathering, crafting items, building, and also combat.  Check out our range of minecraft figures and playsets. Finally, to view our full range of Minecraft products click here