Metal Machines City Force Pack – Pack Of 5 Assorted


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  • 1:64 Scale
  • Collectible new stylish designs
  • 5 pack
  • Individually named
  • Compatible with Metal Machine playsets


Metal Machines City Force Pack – Pack Of 5 Assorted

Introducing the Metal Machines City Force Pack – Pack Of 5 Assorted. Unleash the new Metal Machines City Force pack to rescue your city! This amazing pack features all you need to keep the peace in town. Your fire-fighter truck, tank, police car, military jeep & armoured ambulance can race as fast as all other Metal Machines and feature unique designs. Each 5-Pack Bundle features 3 themed packages of 5 awesome cars, highlighting exciting hot wheels collections with 15 cars of automotive fun! Metal machine vehicles have inspired creative storytelling and independent exploration in generations of car lovers through push-around play.

You can just keep revving up or smashing other cars with your all-time favorite racing car collection. An intense chase on a challenging track can end very badly for one of the racers. Exceed the speed, jump over the ramp and make sure not to get caught by the competition. Any wrong movement may cause you to fall off the track and lose! Made of high quality materials that are strong and long lasting. A wonderful gift for children on every occasion, whether on Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, or on the occasion of success.

Styles may vary slightly.