Marvel Thor Love And Thunder Mighty FX Mjolnir Electronic Hammer


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  • Contents: 1x Marvel – Thor: Love and Thunder Mighty FX Mjolnir Electronic Hammer and instructions
  • This toy has character-specific lights and sounds
  • Prove you’re worthy by activating the hammers effects
  • Keep an eye out for other Marvel gear (Sold separately)
  • 3 x AAA batteries included


Marvel Thor Love And Thunder Mighty FX Mjolnir Electronic Hammer

Marvel Thor Love And Thunder Mighty FX Mjolnir Electronic Hammer. Once destroyed by the powerful Hela, Thor’s magically enchanted hammer is back, now controlled by a new hero worthy of its power! Imagine charging into battle with Mjolnir to protect New Asgard! Children can imagine gearing up as either Thor or Mighty Thor with the Mighty FX Mjolnir Electronic Hammer, featuring two hero modes of play.

Inspired by Thor: Love and Thunder, part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Mighty FX Mjolnir roleplay toy includes entertainment- inspired design and detail, as well as light FX, motion-activated sound FX, and additional, unlockable secret FX power! Kids will love re-creating favourite moments from the Marvel entertainment, as well as imagining their own hammer-swinging action and adventure! Choose the hero and jump into battle! Suitable for ages 5+

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