Now delivering to Northern Ireland.

Now delivering to Northern Ireland.

Li-Fe 250 Air Electric Scooter


  • Utilising our quality 36V 7.5Ah battery and powerful 250W front wheel motor, this scooter offers an impressive range of up to 28km with a charge time of 5-6Hrs.
  • Controls have been designed to be as simple and comfortable to use as possible! Large thumb-throttle allows gradual and controlled acceleration, a left hand brake lever controls the rear disc brake and the centre console controls the lights, power and 3 different speed modes. Top Speed of 25Km/h.
  • The Li-Fe 250 AIR PRO has 8.5″ pneumatic tyres to help soak up the bumps. These Tyres give impressive grip, maximum comfort and control.
  • The Li-fe 250 AIR PRO e-scooter comes fitted with front and rear lights powered from the main scooter battery. Not only does that help you on dull evenings, but the bright flashing brake light also adds a great feature to help others around you know when your powerful disc brake is applied.
  • Folds quickly and easily for effective transportation and storage. With it’s neat little clip to attach the handlebars to the rear mudguard, the stem becomes a solid carry handle for when you’re on the move. Scooter Weight is 15kg and has a rider load capacity of 120kg. With a Water proof rating of IP54 for extra protection.

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Gone are the days of big, clunky electric scooters that don’t last long and run out of charge quickly – welcome the Li-Fe 250 Air Electric Scooter. Whether for a teenager or an adult there are hours of fun to be had getting from point A to point B easily!

The 250 Air has an easy to use thumb throttle and can reach speeds of up to 25km/h (around 15.5mph) although there are speed settings to choose from too (6, 15 and 25km/h). The 8.5” front and rear pneumatic tyres will see you across a range of terrain and the Air 250 can even manage climb angles of 11°!! There is a reactive rear footbrake as well as a handbrake AND there are front and rear lights too. There is an LED display showing speed, mode, battery life and range via a range of dots on the display.

Talking of range, the estimated range of the Air 250 on a full charge is around 25-28km and a charge takes around 5-6 hours on average so easy to recharge overnight. The scooter folds for easy storage or to take on public transport and the anti-slip footplate provides a safer way to ride, and the mudguard will help to protect your clothes from splashes.

The 250 Air has a 250w motor powered by a 36v, 6ah, 30 cell battery and has a charger included. Li-Fe scooters use lithium-ion batteries (lithium and carbon) which are lightweight by nature and much small and lighter than their old counterparts, so it helps to keep the weight of your scooter to a minimum which in turn gives you maximum power! You may have heard the term ‘lazy battery effect’, this is in relation to older types of battery where you had to be sure to fully discharge the battery before recharging or the battery would lose capacity – not with these batteries, much like modern mobile phones you can charge whenever you like, making planning a journey much easier!! The batteries are designed to last around 10,000km – that’s a pretty long way on an electric scooter!