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Our Generation Let’s Hear It For The Curl


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  • This set is scaled to be used with an 46cm doll.
  • It includes: a hair brush, spray bottle, comb,  6 bobby pins, 4 twister curlers and flowery salon cape.
  • Doll not included, sold separately


Our Generation Let’s Hear It For The Curl

You’ll be rolling in ringlets with the Our Generation Let’s Hear It For The Curl Hair Styling Accessory Set for 46cm dolls!

Because there has never been a generation of girls quite like us. We’re sisters, cousins, and best friends. We help those less fortunate, dig in the dirt. We also build forts that are as big as we can dream them. This is our time. This is our story.

Turn straight hair into curly hair easily with this doll hair set!

Treat your dolls to a brand-new look with a wavy or curly hairstyle that won’t harm your doll’s hair. First, set up your doll in the salon cape to keep her outfit clean and dry. Next, use the fine-mist spray bottle to gently dampen a section of your doll’s hair with water. Gently brush the hair section, wrap it around the twisty curler, and secure it with a bobby pin. Let it air dry (please remember to never expose your doll to heat!). And voila – beautiful temporary curls or waves! To undo the curls, simply mist the doll’s hair again with water, brush it straight, and let it air dry. Your 18-inch dolls will love the chance to have a totally different style. Use the set to refresh curls for dolls who already have curly hair. Or get really creative and add some curly locks to your toy horses, too!

Welcome to Our Generation®! For over 25 years, we’ve been inspiring young minds to be contributing members of society through a community of empowerment and play. A place where all children can laugh, learn, dream big, and grow together. Filled with endless stories and exciting possibilities. Our Generation dolls, outfits, books, and playsets come to life in the minds of children while encouraging them to create the narrative of their generation.

Whether it’s speaking up for those around them, taking leaps to develop big ideas, or embracing new opportunities, children have always had the power to make a difference. Without ever forgetting to build lasting memories along the way. Their dreams have no limits. Their voices echo around every corner. And they have the strongest belief that they can make anything and everything possible with their greatest gift: imagination.