LEGO DC 76265 Super Heroes Batwing Batman vs. The Joker Set


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  • Contents: 357 LEGO pieces and 2x minifigures
  • Dimensions: 24W cm (Batwing)
  • The Batwing features 2 catapults and a storage compartment
  • Notch to hang and display after playtime
  • Age 8+


LEGO DC 76265 Super Heroes Batwing Batman vs. The Joker Set

LEGO DC 76265 Super Heroes Batwing Batman vs. The Joker Set. Lets your kid recreate classic action scenes from the 1989 film Batman. Your child can play Batman and the Joker in exciting duels over the streets of Gotham City.

The detailed Batwing has 2 catapults and a minifigure cockpit for the Batman minifigure. Batman’s Batarangs and handcuffs fit in the storage compartment behind the cockpit. On the underside of the model, there’s a notch to hang the Batwing on the wall after playing. Additional digital building fun is offered in the intuitive LEGO Builder app, which allows builders to zoom in and rotate 3D model views to track their building progress.


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