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Lego 60198 City Cargo Train RC Battery Powered Set


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Includes 6 LEGO minifigures: 4 train workers, a security officer and a crook – with the money transport truck and snow scooter comes more action!
Features a motorized battery powered engine with 10-speed RC Bluetooth connection remote control, 3 wagons, 32 tracks plus many accessories
Includes a crane wagon, container wagon with 2 containers, a log wagon, an armoured truck, and a forklift with opening roll cage and lifting forks
The crane has a rotating and extendable boom arm, the full circular track comes with 16 curved /16 straight rails and a railroad switch with lever
Accessory elements include a wrench, 12 gold bar elements and 4 money bills, plus 2 buildable pallets, 3 logs and snow scooter
This product requires batteries (not included). Please refer to the product packaging for type and quantities.

1 in stock

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Prepare the mighty battery-powered LEGO City 60198 Cargo Train to start hauling and deliver the cargo on time and keep LEGO City running smoothly! This powerful LEGO City RC battery powered freight construction set can be played with so many different scenarios. Kids can use the forklift to load the containers, before lifting them onto the wagon with the crane, hook all the wagons behind the locomotive, open the roof to access the engine wagon filled with cool details, blow the whistle and get rolling!

With this electric locomotive train set fans can set up 32 tracks in different configurations to load or offload cargo around their LEGO city. By pushing the lever on the railroad they will switch to drive the train to a different track for loading or unloading! But they should watch out, the crook is trying to steal gold bars and money! Will the officer get help from train workers? The included Bluetooth remote is not compatible with older infrared remote-controlled LEGO train sets.

Cargo Train in total measures over 4 Inch (11 cm) high, 32 Inch (82 cm) long and 2 Inch (6 cm) wide; Money transporter truck measure over 2 Inch (6 cm) high, 6 Inch (15 cm) long and 2 Inch (6 cm) wide; Control centre measures over 8 Inch (21 cm) high, 3 Inch (8 cm) wide and 4 Inch (12 cm) deep; Forklift toy measures over 2 Inch (7 cm) high, 2 Inch (5 cm) wide and 4 Inch (12 cm) deep.

Contains 1226 pieces.

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