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Kreative Kraft Create Your Own BFF Scrapbook


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  • Includes: 1 x spiral ring bound scrapbook, 5 x square patterned art sheets, 5 x printed cards, 4 x gel pens, 3 x shaped quote cards, 3 x photo frames, 3 x wooden stamps,
  • 1 x large wooden stamp, 3 x glitter glue pens, 1 x glue stick, 1 x silver ribbon, 3 x glitter cards, 2 x heart bracelets, 2 x stickers sheets, 1 x faux filter sticker and 1 ink pad.
  • Suitable for ages 6+


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Our scrap book set has everything you need to create an amazing photo album. Includes over 30 scrapbook accessories to craft and save your favourite memories. We’ve provided so many tools from glitter glue, gel pens, stamps, unicorn stickers, art sheets or photo frames!