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Standard delivery within 1-3 days.

Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory


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  • Contents: 908g of Kinetic sand and 10 plus tools and molds
  • Kinetic Sand playfully promotes the development of the sense of touch, fine motor skills and imagination
  • Since Kinetic Sand does not dry out, it can be used again and again for creative ideas


Everything that makes Kinetic Sand so fascinating is included in this set. Original Kinetic Sand from Sweden in the three basic colors blue, red and yellow, from which all colors of the rainbow can be mixed, and for the first time black sand, which forms a great contrast to the bright colors. With the help of the 10 tools included, many of them specially developed for this set, the sand colors can be individually combined in order to achieve cool effects by cutting, pulling, crushing and letting them flow.

With its gentle crunch, the cutting offers not only a visual but also an acoustic highlight. With the Sandsifactory Set, which is linked to the popular Sandisfying Set, all the effects can be implemented that inspire viewers in social media videos. Doing it yourself is even better than seeing it, because Kinetic Sand is a feast for the senses in many ways. Anyone who picks up Kinetic Sand will quickly be amazed by the special grainy feel and flowing structure – over and over again.