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Kidz Labs Hologram Projector


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  • Learn the theory behind the magical 3D hologram and impress your friends with the 3D images.
  • Observe the 3D images come to life. Can be used with images on your mobile phone.
  • Age 8+


Kidz Labs Hologram Projector

Kidz Labs Hologram Projector. Learn the theory behind the magical 3D hologram and impress your friends with the 3D images in this kit from 4M.  From prehistoric dinosaurs to the deadliest predators of the sea. You can safely make anything come to life in the comfort of your own home. Friends and family will be astounded when you can make astronauts appear, floating in space. Or fish suspended in front of them. Even project images through your smart device, turning them into holograms. Perfect for budding scientists with a thirst for knowledge, you can learn all about the theory behind 3D holograms.

Kidz Labs STEM kits are a terrific fun way to help your kids learn all about the world around them. The kits encourage a visual understanding of principles in science, technology, engineering & maths through hands-on experimenting.


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