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  • The only ball that lets you BEND, CURVE & SWERVE with ease. Using aerodynamic materials and special patent-pending paneling, the KickerBall is a fun new way to take your football skills to the next level as an indoor or outdoors football. You will love Kickerball if you are a football player or just looking for a fun outdoor ball; makes a great toy football for kids, for adults, for anyone looking for a new cool way to have football fun.
  • You don’t need to be an experienced athlete to have fun with this ball. Each KickerBall includes a set of directions that will help you curve and swerve in no-time, making this football toy an amazing gift for any sports fan! Regardless of your skill level of your football skills, the KickerBall is designed to bring a different experience to your game. KickerBall is between a regulation football size 4 and size 5; the perfect football for kids.
  • New and improved design gives you performance and durability that will enhance your football games. Whether you are at the beach, backyard or on the field, KickerBall will give you the ability to bend it like the professionals. Rigorous testing both on the field and in the labs makes this soccer toy /football toy a true one of a kind experience. Whether you are shopping for a football fan or looking for a football gift – a great football toy.
  • Our proprietary design wasn’t created to be a FIFA, USSF or NCAA regulation ball; it was designed to take your trick shots to the next level. You will find that the KickerBall will become an instant classic with friends and family – whether you are competing for the craziest curves or most insane goals. Both indoor and outdoor football shoot outs and meet-ups are super fun with this toy football, Kickerball similar to a boomerang.
  • KickerBall makes for a great training tool for goalkeepers. The bends you get from the KickerBall will have any defender guessing where the next strike will be. KickerBall is easy on the hands but much harder to stop – ultimately giving the goalkeeper a different approach to defending the goal. Although Kickerball is a toy football – you will definitely challenge the goalkeeper or any wall that is in your way. Curve and swerve like never before with KickerBall!

6 in stock

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From the makers of Swerve Ball comes a football like no other. With KickerBall, you can swerve, curve and kick like a pro.

The KickerBall has special panels and aerodynamic materials that channel air in ways your standard soccer ball can’t. The included instructions help you to master 3 epic shots.

SWERVE! Kick the side of the ball from the left to swerve the ball right. CURVE! Kick the side of the ball from the right to curve the ball to the left. BEND IT! Strike the centre with your laces using just the right kicking power to bend it like Beckham. LAUNCH IT! Send your KickerBall soaring to the sky with a high-powered kick from below. BUMP IT! Strike the ball gently from below to bump it to other players.

Please Note: The KickerBall is not a FIFA, NFHS or NCAA certified football; it is a toy and should be used as such. Results may vary depending on your unique skill level. Do not over-inflate and avoid sharp objects to prevent damage to the ball. Exercise caution when wearing football boots.


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