Keeper Step Stool White


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Features and Benefits:

  • rubber anti-slipping feets
  • rubber anti-slipping standing platform
  • attractive and modern look
  • step stool’s high durability


Keeper Step Stool White

Safe step-stool with rubber anti-slipping elements ensure the safeness of usage. The Keeper Step Stool White is perfect for children to reach the toilet or hand basin just like the grown-ups. Loading capacity up to 100 kg, even the parents can use this strong step stool.

What age should a child be toilet trained?
Potty training success hinges on physical, developmental and behavioral milestones, not age.

Children are usually ready for toilet or potty training between age 2 and 3. Children learn to use the toilet at their own pace. It might take days, weeks or months.

We provide a great selection of toddler and infant products for toilet training from pottys, toilet training seats to steps. We have everything that you may need.


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