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2-4 Day Nationwide delivery.

Hot Wheels Downtown Speedy Fuel Stop


  • Kids can explore Hot Wheels City through their favourite iconic city locations using their Hot Wheels cars. Each set connects directly to other Hot Wheels City sets with the new connection system, still compatible with your orange track.
  • Age Suitability: 4 Years +

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Inspire the imagination of children with these action sets the series Hot Wheels® City. Each set is based on a part of the city that inspires many stories of action, such as a police station, a fire station, a gas station, a factory and an aquarium. Note the monkey in the factory and the piranhas in the aquarium! Game Wheels & Performance. Pick one or all do the collection to make your own town Hot Wheels®. Ideal for kids who are looking for new ways to play with cars Hot Wheels® they have. Includes a Hot Wheels® vehicle. Connect Set With New Adjustment System. Each set is a perfect addition to the world of Hot Wheels® you want to make. (auto translated)