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Hot Wheels City Scorpion Flex Attack


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  • Contents: 1 x Hot Wheels City Scorpion Flex Attack Playset and 1 x Hot Wheels vehicle
  • A sneaky scorpion has attacked the police station, and kids using its 2.5 foot long tail to build momentum and escape
  • Release cars from the gravity drop at the end of the tail and choose one of two exit routes that send cars careening through the police station and free from Sven’s claws


Sven the Scorpion has his claws deep into the police station, and he’s hungry for more! The tail track extends 2.5 feet, and kids release their cars from the gravity drop to send them zooming through one of two escape routes that run through the police station.

The set includes one Hot Wheels vehicle and connects to other sets for extended creature-laced adventure kids will want to collect them all. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colours and decorations may vary.