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Glamor Mirror


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  • Comes with pretend hairdryer, lipstick, Accessories
  • Press the switch to turn music and light on
  • Turn on hairdryer to activate wind
  • Ages 4+


Glamor Mirror

Introducing the Glamor Mirror. This is the perfect gift for pretend play as it comes with all the fitting and nice details. Such as being able to press the love heart for music and light the hairdryer has actual wind when turned on!

Dressing table for girls Glamor Mirror is a play set in the form of a dressing table. Equipped with all the necessary accessories that will allow the girl to imagine. And also feel like a real fashionista or fashion stylist. The design of the table itself looks very attractive.

It is decorated in pleasant shades of pink, and its style is reminiscent of the baroque of the Renaissance. This is evidenced by a beautiful play with curved lines, as well as the use of curls, but not excessive abuse of them. The set also includes a comfortable stool for the table, on which the girl can sit down. Imagining herself as her film actress in the dressing room, preparing for filming.

In front of the mirror, you can play not alone, but together with a friend and arrange a beauty salon at home.

Attention! Packaging design may vary and differ from the image in the photo.