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FurReal Rockalots Musical Interactive Walking Puppy


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  • Contents: A pet, unassembled lead (2 rods and a handle), 3 accessories and instructions
  • An irresistibly cute pet that rocks faster when kids walk faster
  • The beat of her songs speeds up to keep up
  • Makes happy puppy sounds as children walk her, making her signature bobblehead motion the whole time
  • Just assemble her lead, attach it to her collar and take this rockin’ pup-star
  • Batteries Required: 3 x LR44 (included)
  • Age 4+ Years


FurReal Rockalots Musical Interactive Walking Puppy

FurReal Rockalots Musical Interactive Walking Puppy. The Puppy is an irresistibly cute, adorably cool pet who rocks as fast as kids do! When you take her for a walk, she plays her three fun songs, and they play faster when you walk faster! When you slow down, the songs’ tempo slows down, too. This rockin’ pup comes with a guitar-shaped brush for grooming her soft fur, heart-shaped sunglasses and a rainbow-coloured skirt that doubles as a hair scrunchie!

This interactive pet comes with a two-part detachable lead for walking across the floor. Push her along by the lead and she moves forward with bobblehead motion and happy puppy sounds, as well as her rockin’ tunes. So, let’s take a stroll around the house – and pretend it’s a stage.


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A little bit about FurReal Pets!

Welcome to the FurRealFriends brand family of pets. Engaging and often surprising friends that can quickly become a child’s favourite companion. Unlike other plush pets, FurReal Friends pets aren’t intended to be merely watched or collected. They’re designed to be played with, lived with, and also loved. Engaging features can capture kids’ attention, but it’s the emotional bonds they develop with their pets that they’ll remember for years to come.