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FurReal Lil’ Wilds Lolly The Leopard


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  • Adopt me! The furReal Newborns Puppy Interactive Animatronic Plush Toy is a soft, sweet, adorable pet who just wants to find his forever home. Who could resist those big, beautiful eyes
  • Feed him with his bottle, or give him his pacifier accessory, and his eyes will close as he makes happy, contended puppy sounds
  • So many ways to care: Kids can brush their pet’s soft fur with his brush accessory (another activity that makes him happy) and swaddle their precious pup with his blankie, giving him lots of hugs
  • A sweet baby pet that’s sure to captivate girls and boys ages 4 and up. Makes a thoughtful gift, toof


FurReal Lil’ Wilds Lolly The Leopard

FurReal Lil’ Wilds Lolly The Leopard. The furReal Newborns Kitty Interactive Animatronic Plush Toy is a soft, sweet handful of a pet that provides girls and boys ages 4 and up with hours of nurturing fun. Kids will love adopting this precious kitten and giving him his forever home. He comes with 4 accessories that make it easy to care for him: when kids give him his bottle or pacifier, he closes his eyes and makes happy, contented sounds. He responds the same way when they brush his soft fur or pet him on his head. And he comes with a wee blankie for swaddling, too; there’s nothing better than getting a great big hug! Suitable for 4+ years


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A little bit about FurReal Pets!

Welcome to the FurReal Friends brand family of pets. Engaging and often surprising friends that can quickly become a child’s favourite companion. Unlike other plush pets, FurReal Friends pets aren’t intended to be merely watched or collected. They’re designed to be played with, lived with, and also loved. Engaging features can capture kids’ attention, but it’s the emotional bonds they develop with their pets that they’ll remember for years to come.