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Furby Purple Interactive Toy


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  • Contents: 1x Furby friend, 13x beads, 1x comb, 1x string and 1x Friendship Guide
  • Dimensions: 12.7L x 22.86W x 22.86H cm
  • Batteries required: Requires 4x AA batteries (not included)
  • Interactive toy that moves, talks, sings, lights up, and even responds to speech
  • Press the voice activated Furby toy’s heart gem to explore each mode
  • Over 600 responses and sometimes sassy surprises
  • Blinking eyes and its ears glow with different light effects
  • When you have 2 Furby friends together, they can interact
  • Each Furby sold separately
  • The clip-on beads and comb let them style the hair tuft or make a friendship bracelet or necklace
  • Age 6+ years


Furby Purple Interactive Toy

Meet Furby Purple Interactive Toy! This curious little creature is an incredibly interactive toy friend with 5 voice activated modes and over 600 phrases, jokes, songs, and so much more to discover. Tell Furby what you want to do with these 5 commands: Dance Party, Copy Cat, Tell My Fortune, Let’s Chill, and Lightshow.

Furby also responds to hugs, pats on the head, shaking, and feeding its pretend pizza charm (or your finger – yum). The more they play, the more fun they can unlock. Care for Furby by feeding them and combing their hair. Dress them up with the clip-on beads and make fashion accessories that kids can wear, too.Blinking eyes and its ears glow with different light effects. When you have 2 Furby friends together, they can interact

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