Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet


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  • Side bed with soothing night light, music, sounds and vibrations that are conveniently controlled via the smartphone
  • Optional smart sensing system sends notifications to the smartphone when baby cries and responds with three adjustable soothing modes
  • Underbody lighting turns on automatically when someone approaches the side bed, so that the bright room light does not have to be switched on when comforting or breastfeeding at night
  • Soft, machine washable cover and wipe clean mattress topper for easy cleaning and sheer mesh side walls so parents can always keep their child or baby in view
  • Optional power plug to save batteries. Why does this product have ‘reduced packaging’ We have worked intensively to reduce the amount of unnecessary material and airspace in our long-lasting packaging to minimise waste and emissions
  • Age: Birth


Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet

The Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet is a customizable bedside crib that can help your new-born fall asleep with a variety of calming features you can control from your smart device. The built-in Smart Sensing System can detect your baby’s cries and respond with music and vibrations to help soothe them back to sleep. This baby bassinet also features a crib light and motion-activated floor light to illuminate your path for night time check-ins, plus breezy mesh sides. (Max. weight 20 lb/9 kg) Use only with a child who is unable to push up on hands and knees, pull up or sit unassisted.

​Shedding some light on better nights

​Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet helps give you peace of mind while keeping your baby calm and cosy. You can customize and control the bassinet’s soothing features from your smart device with the Smart Connect app. Plus, the motion-activated floor light helps guide your path during night time check-ins.

Fisher-Price Shares Vision Of Parenting In The Future

Behind everything Fisher-Price make is their Play Lab. Since 1961, they have been inviting kids to come play. To press all the buttons, dump all the blocks, and also play with all the figures. And as they do, Fisher Price childhood research experts, designers and engineers witness these brilliant young minds at work, taking what they learn and putting it into details and features that make each interaction with their toys as rewarding and F-U-N as possible!

Over 100,000 babies & preschoolers have also been tested over the years. Fisher-Price also talks to parents (over 1,800 every year), so they can hear & understand what works best for every family. And this real-life research makes real difference in the way they develop their toys.