Dumbo Classic Plush 30cm


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  • Authentic and Licensed Disney Merchandise
  • 12 Inches (30.5CM) Soft Toy
  • Age 3+ Age


Dumbo Classic Plush 30cm

Introducing Dumbo Classic Plush 30cm. “I think I will have seen everything when I see and elephant fly!”. Celebrate one of our all time favourite elephant movie with this Dumbo & Belch Soft Toy. Made with premium materials and chosen fabrics to make the Dumbo extra cuddly and a perfect companion for children and adults of all ages. An official product of Disney and is perfect for personal use or a gift for all the fans of Dumbo.

Our soft toys are specially made for young children out of textile fabrics and stuffed with a soft material which the young ones love to cuddle them, hug them, and also play with them. Soft toys encourage the social and emotional growth of the children and also help in developing sensory skills.

Soft toys can give babies and young children a sense of reassurance and familiarity. They are also able to help babies to self-soothe. If they are presented with stressful situations, a teddy by their side can help them seek comfort and also create the illusion that they are with a loved one. So what are you waiting for? check out our entire selection of Soft Toys, plushies, cuddly toys and more here.