Dinosaur Hand Puppets


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  • Puppet shaped like a carnivorous dinosaur
  • Slips over hand
  • Move mouth with thumb and fingers
  • Colours and styles may vary
  • Age 3+ years


Introducing the Dinosaur Hand Puppets

Extinct by no means: The Tyrannosaurus Rex hand puppets look totally realistic and, thanks to the soft, stretchy material, seem scarily alive with every movement. The dino hand puppets look mega cool – and are just waiting to get into and also onto the hands of real dino fans. These super stretchy realistic toys provide great fun and also make an excellent fiddle and stress toy. These stretchy toy dinosaur hand puppets help to develop motor skills and also promote imaginative and independent play! All your child has to do is move the mouth with thumb and also fingers. The Dinosaur Hand Puppet are a must have for any dinosaur fan, and would make an ideal present anytime of the year.
Dinosaur play can have numerous benefits for early childhood development, including promoting imaginative and also creative thinking. Developing fine motor skills, supporting socialization and communication, and also encouraging scientific exploration and discovery. These incredible and also fascinating creatures teach children more about how species come to be, disappear, adapt, and survive. An interest in dinosaurs also helps children understand the earth’s timeline and appreciate that amazing things existed long before they did. Why not check our our full range of Action Figures & Playsets and Dinosaurs
Colours and styles may vary