Cry Babies Dreamy’s Mega House


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  • One Mega House, a Dreamy doll and 25 accessories
  • The real tears reveal 3 magic functions inside the house
  • Use the lift to get to various rooms
  • 5 play areasRecreate stories from the series with all your Cry Babies Magic Tears characters
  • Age 3+ years.


Presenting Dreamy’s Mega House from Cry Babies Magic Tears! Now you will have the greatest place to play and remake stories with all your favourite Cry Babies Magic Tears characters. The Mega House includes an exclusive Dreamy doll Take a peak inside and you will find 25 accessories, including a sticker sheet to decorate your house with.

There are 5 play areas to recreate your adventures: the garden, the living room, and also the bathroom, the kitchen and the bedroom. The real tears reveal 3 magic functions  which ones can you find? You can swim in the pool, rest in the hammock, take a bath, and also sleep in the adorable bedroom. Dress Dreamy up, cook in the kitchen and also use the magic lift to travel up and down. Cry Babies Dreamy’s Mega House playset promotes kids to use their imagination through play. This is a must have for any child and is sure to provide lots of fun.

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Finally A Little Bit About Cry Babies

Cute little babies with big personalities explore this imaginative world where tears are magical and carry special powers. The tears are triggered by emotions of love or happiness as the babies overcome challenging situations together.