Cosy Dolls Pram Navy & Grey


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  • Handle height: 58cm
  • Product dimensions: 59×38.5x58cm
  • Packaging dimensions: 58x34x11cm.
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and over.


Cosy Dolls Pram Navy & Grey

Introducing Cosy Dolls Pram Navy & Grey. The COZY doll stroller has an adorable design, and also comes with a blanket and matching pillow. The doll can fall into sweet dreams. The stroller is suitable for dolls up to 46 cm tall. The two-tone frame with modern color-matched wheels and also the charming sun canopy give the COZY stroller a fantastic look. The integrated basket and shoulder bag offer plenty of space to store everything you need for a trip with your favorite doll. Thanks to the large wheels, the COZY doll stroller can be easily pushed over uneven terrain. The stroller can be folded for transport or storage.

About Baby Dolls

Experts agree that there are real benefits to doll play. Giving your child a soft, easy-to-hold (and hug) baby doll around their first birthday can introduce them to a rich world of pretend play, develop motor and life skills, and enhance social and emotional development. Playing with dolls encourages children to talk more about others’ thoughts and emotions, a study has found. The research suggests that playing imaginary games with dolls could help children develop social skills, theory of mind and empathy. Kids love to take care of their very own baby dolls. A doll is more than just an item and often has an essential part in child development. Shop our full range of baby dolls, buggys, strollers and also accessories online or instore.