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Standard delivery within 1-3 days.

Clementoni 1000 Piece Harry Potter Panorama Puzzle


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  • Dimensions: 98L X 33Wcm


Recreate the magic of Hogwarts with a Harry Potter 1000 piece puzzle. This Panorama jigsaw puzzle features your favourite Harry Potter characters on a highly detailed background.

Piece together an image of Harry, Ron and Hermione in their iconic Gryffindor robes, with a moonlit Hogwarts to one side and an eerie Death Mark on the other. Hagrid, Professor McGonagall and Albus Dumbledore are pictured to one side of the puzzle – with Severus Snape, Lucifer Malfoy and Voldemort on the other.

The Harry Potter 1000 piece puzzle is a beautifully designed puzzle, created for those with a passion for detail. In step with ecological issues, Clementoni uses a high rate of recycled materials in their puzzle line.