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  • Squish, connect and create with Bunchems! They stick to each other and build like no other, and pull apart for endless play!
  • BunchBot makes it easy to bunch complex creations – it does it for you! Fill the design tray, push down and watch as your creation comes out the top, layer by layer!
  • Unfold your creation and bring it to life by adding accessories. Your 3D creation magically transforms!
  • The Bunchems BunchBot is for ages 6 years and over.

3 in stock

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Experience magical transformations with the Bunchems BunchBot! Bunchems are the colourful little balls that stick to each other and build like no other. The Bunchems BunchBot introduces a whole new way to bunch! This cute machine makes it easy to create again and again and squeezes the Bunchems together for you. Follow one of the pattern templates included with the BunchBot – or create your own. Fill the design tray with Bunchems, press down and watch as your bunched-together shape pops out of the top of the machine layer by layer! The eyes even react and move as you press the handles. Unfold your creation once it comes out the top, bring it to life with accessories and watch as your amazing 3D creation is revealed! Create anything you can imagine with the Bunchems BunchBot! For ages 6 years and over. No batteries required.

A New Way to Build

Build with Bunchems in a whole new way using BunchBot! With the adorable BunchBot, it’s easy to squeeze Bunchems together and make a magical creation! Simple to operate, you can let your imagination go wild and make again and again!

Layer and Build

Place Bunchems onto the design tray and feed the tray into BunchBot! BunchBot will devour the tray and begin to build layer by layer! As your creation is made, you’ll see it slowly appear out of the top of BunchBot! Soon you’ll have a whole new 3D Bunchems creation!

Create with the Guidebook

Use the guidebook to make whimsical and magical creations! The easy-to-understand instructions and clear diagrams walk you through the building process. Layer by layer, the guidebook will help you create your own pretty parrot, mischievous monkey, offbeat octopus and more! For even more creative ideas, visit the Bunchems website or try building on your own!

Accessorise your Creations

BunchBot comes with 8 unique accessories! Create a wacky animal or crazy character, and give them an expressive set of eyes or a cool pair of sunglasses! With different sets of eyes to choose from, you can give your Bunchem creation its own unique look!