Bruder Snowmobile with driver, Akia rescue sled and skier

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Bruder Snowmobile with driver, Akia rescue sled and skier


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Vehicle body:
– Two seats for bworld figures
– 2 additional brackets for tools or similar
– Detachable rear coupling
– Detachable luggage rack with tool box

contents Contents:
– Akia rescue sledge with removable support and cover, and 2 folding handlebars held or held by persons Towbars can be attached
– Skiers with skis, poles, helmet and gloves
– With driver, helmet and gloves
– Safety vest

– Sprung front axle with pendulum function and movable ski
– Full suspension chassis with rubber track

– Recommended age: from 4 years for indoor play and outside suitable
– made of high quality plastics such as ABS
– made by brother
– scale 1:16

1 in stock

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Winter sports, that means for many people relaxation from the stressful everyday life, fresh mountain air and a fantastic panorama with views of numerous snow-capped mountain landscapes. From these regions, snowmobiles are also known, which can drive fast and safely over snow pistes like no other means of transportation. The Snowmobile from BRUDER is suitable for both sporty driving and as a utility vehicle for all piste operations. The driver is of course equipped with protective equipment for the fast ride with his snowmobile and has a hard hat and gloves. The full-suspension chassis with elastomeric chain, in combination with the pendulum front suspension of the skis, offers excellent handling in rough terrain.

Despite all caution and usually good protective equipment, skiing accidents can not be completely ruled out. In case of emergency and to bring the injured skiers to the nearest hospital, the rescue sleds exist – also called Akia. The bworld Akia is a perfect model with which the “injured” figure can be transported away.The rescue sled can be attached to the snowmobile or brought down the two handrails with two skiers.Just like the real thing!

The bench of the Snowmobile is suitable for two persons, whereby a bworld passenger can be taken at any time. The ideal supplement here is eg the skier (item no. 60040) or the snowboarder (item no. 60420) from the extensive BRUDER winter assortment.