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Bruder 1:16 RAM 2500 Power Wagon Life Guard Truck


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  • Made in Germany; Made of highest-quality ABS plastic
  • Cab windows made from transparent and shatter-proof plastic; Clear-glass headlights at the front; Doors can be opened
  • Tailgate opens; Space for 4 bworld figures; Space for pallets/pallet cages or other cargo on the loading area
  • Includes detachable towbar coupling; Additional steering column can be stored in the vehicle underbody
  • Spring-loaded (steered) front and rear axles
  • Scale 1:16
  • Age 3+ Years


Bruder 1:16 RAM 2500 Power Wagon Life Guard Truck

Bruder 1:16 RAM 2500 Power Wagon Life Guard Truck. Relaxation and sport on and in the water is very important at BRUDER in the themed world of leisure.  The lifeguard has a strong partner to help him carry out his duties. The RAM’s ruggedness and off-road capability is legendary and unique to this day. This vehicle is also very impressive in terms of performance. Its V8 HEMI engine produces 410 hp and generates a torque of 582 Nm. The lifeguard is also equipped with a SUP. This means that he can arrive promptly at any hazardous situation on the water. The extremely buoyant board ensures a high level of stability on the water. The new bworld lifeguard swimmer with stand-up paddle (item no. 62785) and bworld lifeguard station (item no. 62780) are also available from BRUDER as the perfect addition to the RAM with lifeguard.

Bruder 02506 – Bruder RAM 2500 Power Wagon lifeguard set(BF2506). It goes without saying that the RAM 2500 Power Wagon from Bruder is a tough car, but this one is very special! Specially designed as a Lifeguard, this Bruder Ram Power Wagon is always ready to help swimmers in need. The set is very complete, including Bruder Lifeguard figure, surfboard and paddle. The Bruder RAM 2500 Power Wagon is also a very complete model. The front axle can be steered with the standard Bruder aerobar. The Power Wagon is also equipped with a Bruder light and sound module. The doors can be opened, so that the Bruder figures can also sit in the RAM 2500

Bruder (toy manufacturer) - Wikipedia

Bruder toy vehicles range from garbage trucks, cement mixers, tow trucks, tractors, combine harvesters, snow plows and fire engines! Children at play are at the heart of everything Bruder does. Playing is not an end in itself, it also enables the child to gain experience for its development in the adult world.

The Bruder line is based on toy quality, durability, selection, play value and award winning reputation. Bruder makes each toy with high-quality materials and also meticulous attention to detail.  Which is why they’re so popular with kids and collectors.  If you’re looking for a sturdy, well-made toy, you can’t go wrong with a Bruder product.