Standard delivery within 1-3 days.

Standard delivery within 1-3 days.

Bruder 1:16 MB Arocs Winter Service with Snow Blade


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  • Cab lenses made of transparent and unbreakable plastic – Folding mirrors
  • Doors to open
  • Treadmill
  • Working space of the auger visible (flap to open and close) Fillable tank rotatable ladder Spreader rotatable through 180 ° (for Transport and cleaning function ) – fully functional spreader with screw conveyor – can be switched on and off by lever
  • Incl. Truck road scraper, item no. 02582:
  • Lifting in or out of the shield by lever (operating or transport position)
  • Mountable flags on the plow blade
  • Angle of the shield is adjustable by +/- 30 °, self-locking and stepless
  • Incl. Adapter for tractors and trucks
  • made of high quality plastics such as ABS
  • Compatible with figure
  • Scale 1:16
  • Age 3+ Years


Power, ruggedness and efficiency are often crucial on a cold day on roads with winter conditions. The new Mercedes-Benz Arocs was specially developed for these characteristics. In addition to these technical features, the design has been designed accordingly. For example, the front of the radiator grille is designed in “excavator tooth optics”, whereby the “teeth” are for biting and grabbing and thereby express the power. In the model much emphasis was placed on the usual robustness for BRUDER and equipped the cab with openable doors, so that the BRUDER pieces can enter.

“… heavy snowfall down to flat layers …”, as soon as the traffic radio brings this message, the clearing vehicles are in use around the clock. BRUDER, known for its realistic and all-weather vehicles, has developed the Arocs winter service, an imposing clearing vehicle that is in no way inferior to the original. The wide, height-adjustable and of course removable blade also pushes away the thick snow cover and provides a drivable track, the extremely realistic spreader brings sand or other grit on the road and thus ensures non-slip driving. The Mercedes-Benz Arocs truck can be retrofitted with the BRUDER Light & Sound Module (Item No. 02801).