Britains 1:32 Valtra TZ54 Tractor in Metallic Orange


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  • Die cast metal model Valtra T254 tractor with original decal detail
  • Removable cab
  • Front wheel steering
  • Front hitch, rear hitch
  • Rolling wheels with tyre tread detail.
  • Age 3+ Years


Britains 1:32 Valtra TZ54 Tractor in Metallic Orange

Britains 1:32 Valtra TZ54 Tractor in Metallic Orange. Die cast metal model Britains Valtra TZ54 tractor with original decal detail. Detailed glazed detachable cab, front wheel steering, front linkage, rear linkage, rolling wheels with tyre tread detait. And trim detail including headlight and also indicators.

Introducing the Valtra Versu T254 model in Metallic Orange chosen from the “Valtra Unlimited” Collection. The Britains model doesn’t stint on detail: superb metallic finish replicating exactly the same colour as the real tractor. Removable cab to allow you to drop in one of your sitting drivers (sold separately). Working steering and an A-frame front hitch. It’s one of a range of 1:32 scale models built of die cast metal and plastic. Suitable for indoor and outdoor play, for kids and collectors aged 3+.

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