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Britains 1:32 John Deere 9RX 640 Tracked


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  • 1:32 scale model
  • Age 3+ years


Britains 1:32 John Deere 9RX 640 Tracked

Britains 1:32 John Deere 9RX 640 Tracked. The all new 9RX comes with more power and thanks to new ballasting options – it also has added pulling capacity. Its total footprint is up to 119% more than wheels and 42% more than 2-tracks. The narrow transport width and 4-post cab suspension make moving between fields easy. The new cab is a great place to start a long day in the field. It feels like you’ve stepped into a premium luxury car. Britains model from Prestige Collection has captured all details. Each track turns on its freely rotating drive wheel and idlers and the front tracks are also steerable. Made of die cast metal and precision moulded, durable plastic. Suitable for collectors aged 14 years and up.

Britains – Brushwood Toys

Britains is Europe’s oldest specialist in agricultural toys and collectibles. Britains offers a full range of in scale farm models including tractors, trailers, diggers, tractor accessories, also animals figures and more. With nearly 100 years of experience behind it. The collection is constantly refreshed and updated to offer a range of models for enthusiasts as well as for children to use for farm role-play. Check out our entire selection of Britians Tractors, Trailers & Accessories  here. For adult collectors check out our Wiking range of die cast farm vehicles.