Block Tech Figure Series


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  • Moulded character hair/ helmet
  • Bespoke facial features
  • Movable elbow joint
  • Bespoke outfit
  • Movable legs
  • Age 6+ years


Block Tech Figure Series

Introducing the Block Tech Figure Series. Do you love building exciting creations? Choose a Block Tech kit today and have fun bringing marvellous designs to life. Piece the Block Tech bricks together one by one and see where your imagination takes you! Block Tech lets you create your own miniature worlds where anything is possible. Now, you can fill your world with a population of fun figures in all sorts of outfits and uniforms. These block tech figures are also compatible with other leading brands.

This amazing set has 8 different detailed figures in varying professions! All with moulded character hair/helmets, bespoke features, turnable heads, moveable elbows and legs and each in a bespoke outfit. What’s more, these figures are also compatible with other leading brands, so you can incorporate them with a range of different creations! Perfect for promoting imaginative thinking, observation and independence, this fun, imaginative playset is ideal for ages 6 and over. Warning: Not suitable for children under 6 years. Styles may vary. One set supplied and selected at random.

Features: Moulded character hair/ helmet. Bespoke facial features. Movable elbow joint. Bespoke outfit. Movable legs. Compatible with other leading brands. Age 6+ years