Barbie Skipper Babysitter Doll – Smiley Top


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  • ​The baby doll has on a cloth diaper that can be easily taken on and off with hook and loop fasteners — just like real ones to inspire role-play fun!
  • ​Skipper babysitter doll is prepared for the job with a to-do list and food for baby that includes a bottle, jar and spoon.
  • Age 3+ years.


Introducing Barbie Skipper Babysitter Doll – Smiley Top. Young kids can be the babysitter with Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. doll and accessory set that include Skipper doll, a baby doll and storytelling pieces to play out nurturing moments.  Five themed accessories, some with handles the babysitter doll can hold, encourage role-play and storytelling. This Skipper babysitter doll is ready for anything with a bottle, spoon, baby food jar, teddy bear, blanket and adorable baby doll to care for. The baby doll wears a diaper that can be easily taken on and off for role-play and storytelling fun!

Skipper babysitter doll wears a fashion inspired by the film with a graphic tee, argyle skirt, white sneakers and her two-tone hair styled straight.

Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary. This Barbie Skipper Babysitter Doll – Smiley Top is a must for any Barbie fan!  Shop these and other similar products online and instore today.


File:Barbie Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons
The Barbie doll is one of the most iconic toys in history, but there’s so much more to her than a pretty face. From the very beginning, Barbie served as an inspiration to young girls. They could be whoever they want to be. Her true purpose was to encourage girls to imagine what they can be when they grow up while they play.
One of the ways Barbie influenced girls was by trying many careers. Teenage fashion model, Fashion editor, Fashion designer, Flight attendant, Registered nurse, Computer engineer, Robotics engineer, Video game developer, Mars Explorer…. She was also the first doll on the moon!