3 In 1 Play Tent


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  • This 3 In  1 play tent features a pop-up play tent, a long play tunnel tent and a cube tent
  • Age 3+ years


3 In 1 Play Tent

Introducing the 3 In 1 Play Tent, Pop up, pop in. What little one wouldn’t want a secret den. It’s the perfect place for planning secret spy missions, wild jungle adventures, or escaping from giants. Can be used indoors and outdoors. This kids tunnel tent consists of three colours of red, yellow, and blue, very bright and colourful, which can appeal to girl’s notice and enrich boy’s perception of colours, stimulate their imagination.


This play tent helps to improves children thought enlightening, improve their colour perception and activity and also to help improve their vision. This will make an ideal present for any child and is sure to prove lots of fun and also entertainment.


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