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Enjoy some fairy tale fun with our selection of fairies. Fairy gardens, fairy jars, Fairies, unicorn friends and more.  A rich and full imagination is a terrific thing for any child to have. Fairy dolls help get little ones imagiantion flowing, aid in critical thinking and can also help boost their social skills.

For more fairies, unciorns and all things magical check our the stunning BAYALA range from Schelich. In BAYALA graceful fairies ride on glittering unicorns and on Pegasus, visit the mermaids of Meamare and meet all kinds of magical creatures. The enchanted figurines and playsets of schleich® BAYALA introduce the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. From majestic owls and woodland elves to glittering flower houses and unicorn stables, schleich BAYALA lets your stories run wild. Mythical creature figurines twinkle in rich detail, while authentic playsets enrich every tale

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