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Hot Wheels

Check out our range of Hot Wheels cars and playsets. Why not make your own town from Hot Wheels Playsets.  From the Mega Tower Car Wash Playset, Downtown Burger Drive Through to the Downtown Car Park.

Our single vehicle Hotwheels cars are broken down into several categories to make your selection easier. Choose from your favourites – Race Day, Jurassic World Cars, Contoured, Hot Trucks, Marvel Cars, Baja Blazers, Metro, Tooned, Spolier Alert, Street Beasts, Experimotors, x-Raycers, Wagons, Factory Fresh, Screen Time, Chevy Belair, J-Imports,Sky Busters, Speed team, Green Speed, Fast Food, Rally Champs,  Rod Squad, Turbo, Rescue, Exotics and our personal favourite Retro Racers

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