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Vehicles & Farm

Discover our full selection of farm toys, trucks, construction vehicles and remote-control cars for kids of all ages at super competitive prices. 

We stock all the popular farming brands.  Siku, Bruder, Wiking, Kids Globe Farming and Millwood crafts.  Solar Panels, windmills, hay bales, animals, silo pits, silage, sheds, pig sties, horse stables, farming figures, tractors, trailers and accessories. 

From Hotwheels to Monster jam to radio control cars you will surely find the perfect vehicle for your little one.  Our single vehicle Hotwheels cars are broken down into several categories to make your selection easier. Choose from your favourites – Race Day, Jurassic World Cars, Contoured, Hot Trucks, Marvel Cars, Baja Blazers, Metro, Tooned, Spolier Alert, Street Beasts, Experimotors, x-Raycers, Wagons, Factory Fresh, Screen Time, Chevy Belair, J-Imports,Sky Busters, Speed team, Green Speed, Fast Food, Rally Champs,  Rod Squad, Turbo, Rescue, Exotics and our personal favourite Retro Racers. 

Find your favourite vehicle and farm toy brands, online and in-store!

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